jurassic park

Watch The Honest Trailer to Juarassic World
"Jurassic World" is coming out on DVD on October 20, then you can own the summer blockbuster and watch it at will.  Chances are you've already seen the movie, but have you seen it through the eyes of the people at the Honest Trailer series ?
Watch the Chris Pratt Dinosaurs Prank
"Jurassic World" is the most popular movie in America, starring Chris Pratt who is one of the hottest stars in the country.  If you've seen the movie, you know that he does a great job acting like he's having intense moments with dinosaurs.
‘Jurassic World’ Trailer: The Park is Open!
Something has survived ... and it’s been packaged, licensed and sold to an audience of millions! No, we’re not talking about the Jurassic Park franchise or the new Jurassic World trailer, but rather the dinosaurs on display in the film, who are the star attractions in a fully functioni…
'Jurassic Park 4' Reveals a First Look at the New Raptors!
Yes, that is the head of an animatronic velociraptor that will appear in 'Jurassic Park 4,' giving us our first direct look at a dinosaur from the highly anticipated film. It turns out that director Colin Trevorrow wasn't lying or exaggerating when he promised that his sequel would fe…

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