Growing up in a small community we didn't have sidewalks to worry about.  The garbage man walked in for the cans and I parked in the turn around of our driveway.  So, when I moved to the City of Duluth, I had some learning to do.  When I asked friends that had lived here for awhile, they weren't certain how to answer.  Hopefully this will answer questions you may have about parking, garbage and sidewalks in the Northland winter months.


We are finally getting snow (almost daily) and that brings up questions.   Whose responsibility is it to clear the snow from the sidewalks?  How will they plow the streets with my car parked there?   While there is a City Street Maintenance team and city crews that plow 500 miles of roadways, residents are asked to help.  There is a City Ordinance in Duluth that says property owners that have a public sidewalk abutting their property are to remove snow and ice within 24 hours of when the snowfall ends.  Sometimes the problem is finding a place to put the snow, the street is not an option, whether you're plowing with your truck or shoveling it from your drive or sidewalk, it cannot be placed on the roadways. You can be fined for putting your snow in the street.  My suggestion is to think of it as exercise and not just having to clear your snow.  In fact you could make it a longer workout by helping your neighbors clear their snow, especially if they are handicapped or elderly.  I bet they would be extremely grateful!

Speaking of snow in the streets, please remember to follow the alternate side parking schedule to the T during snow events.  That will greatly help the snow plow drivers trying to do their job efficiently so you can get to where you need to.  A refresher for you, the change from parking on the even to the odd side of the street or vice versa happens on Sunday evenings.

Wait, you just realized the place you found to put the snow from the sidewalk is where your garbage cans go on garbage day.  The city reminds you that the cans can't be placed on the street, you need to use your driveway and/or boulevard.  The reason for keeping them out of the street is that they will most certainly be in the way of the plow.  If they're hit by the plow they'll be ruined and you'll have snow AND garbage to pick up.