If you want to get out of making Thanksgiving dinner, this works, but that wasn't my intent.  I was shocked when I head the crash and walked into the kitchen and everyone I talked to has said they didn't know a stove top could break like this.  Living proof, it can.  Here's my word of warning so it doesn't happen to you.

I'm so bummed.  I kept my stove and oven immaculate.  It's 13 years old and still looks brand new.  I wasn't and still am not prepared to pay for a new one, but a new stove top will cost $300 and a brand new stove will cost $450.  Given that this one is 13 years old, we've decided on the latter, but it doesn't make me any happier.  I have other things to spend money on during the holidays.

Here's what happened and thus, my word of warning.  I have a cupboard above my stove that I keep all warranties for appliances, a griddle, cake pans, tins and my Pyrex glass pie pan.  THAT was the culprit.  I had opened the cupboard, then walked into the living room to talk to my daughter when I head a crash in the kitchen.  When I returned my cake pans, tins and that darned heavy Pyrex glass pie pan were on the floor (unbroken I might add).  I started to pick them up and went to place them on the stove top when I noticed it had shattered.  UGH!  I still have one burner to boil my Thanksgiving potatoes, then while I'm whipping those I'll make the gravy on the same burner.  The rest of the meal can be done in the oven and the microwave so no going out to a restaurant with the family, but again, not something I wanted to spend money I don't have on during the holidays!

Don't, please don't, keep anything heavy in the cupboard above your stove, just in case it were to fall.  I never thought this would/could happen, but it did and I don't want it to happen to you.