Every year moneyrates.com publishes a list of the best states to make a living.  It's good news on paper for folks living in Minnesota & Wisconsin. 

Median income, state tax rates, cost of living, and unemployment are all factors that are accounted for.  Wyoming makes the top of the list for last year partially because they have no state income tax and a low cost of living.   The worst state to make a living according to moneyrates.com is Hawaii as they have a high cost of living.

But what about Minnesota & Wisconsin?   Minnesota just barely made the top 10 list.  The median income in Minnesota last year was $38,870.  The cost of living index is on the high side, but low injury rates and a low unemployment were enough to make the list.

Wisconsin didn't make the top ten, but it was at least halfway on the list coming in at 25.  Wisconsin's median income was 35,110.  Higher taxes and a higher unemployment rate moved Wisconsin down the list.

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