This was the Miley that my daughter and I loved.  We watched the Hannah Montana show together all the time.  She dug Miley, I dug Billy Ray Cyrus.  She was sweet, cute and innocent and I was sad when they announced she wasn't going to be filming anymore episodes.  Kids grow up, I get that.  My daughter Kylee matured and so did Miley, I'm happy to say my daughter made the right choices.  Can't say the same for Miley, especially after watching her stripper moves on stage at the MTV Music Video Awards.

I wanted you to see the contrast between the sweet little girl that we watched grow up as Hannah Montana and the actress/artist start that she chose to become.  First, watch her Hannah Montana audition tape that includes a song with her famous dad, Billy Ray Cyrus. Then, watch her performance at the  Video Music Award'll be shocked.



WARNING:   Sexually Suggestive/Not for Children