It's just really sad that I've come to the conclusion that I can't let my 9 year old go to the park down the block alone anymore.  It's just not a safe place.  It's been vandalized several times, there are rumors of teenagers selling drugs, shady adults hang out smoking, and needles occasionally are found.  It makes me sick.

Some of the neighborhood kids that we know will run over there to play, and usually come back rather quickly saying, "There are those bad kids over there."  We've called the cops, and sadly there isn't much they can do.   It's not just our local park either, it's several parks we've seen this at across the Northland.

Can't we get some security cameras in place?  If these parks have been vandalized so many times, wouldn't it be cheaper to have some security system in place than have to make the repairs constantly?  Camera's aren't expensive nowadays, and heck there are security cameras everywhere else.  Just knowing that they are on and being monitored should be somewhat of a deterrent to stop crime, right?

20 years ago I could understand it would have cost too much, but nowadays cameras are everywhere and relatively cheap.  At least when a crime happens, the cops have something to go on.  It just seems like a no-brainer to me.



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