This Saturday, September 9, is Minnesota Youth Waterfowl Day.  That means that youth, ages 15 and younger, can go waterfowl hunting when accompanied by an adult who is not hunting.

This is a great way to expose young people to waterfowl hunting.  On Saturday, hunters ages 15 and younger may take regular season bag limits of ducks, and five Canada geese statewide, when accompanied by an adult 18 or older who is not hunting. The accompanying adult does not need a license.

Hunters ages 13 to 15 must have a firearms safety certificate or apprentice hunter validation in their possession. Ducks, Canada geese, mergansers, coots and moorhens may be taken from a half-hour before sunrise to 4 p.m. Motorized decoys may not be used and all other migratory bird hunting regulations apply.

Follow the link below for more information on the upcoming season.

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