Duluth's Irving Park, located at 20 S 57th Avenue West, is about to undergo a construction project that will result in improvements.

According to the City Of Duluth Parks and Recreation Department, the park sustained irreparable damage following the June 2012 flood.  Community club and neighborhood volunteers assisted with cleaning the site and most recently participated in a planning process to develop a mini-master plan.

The project scope includes:

  • New accessible walkways throughout the park
  • Porta-potty slab and screen
  • New stairs to the parking lot
  • Removal of old playground and installation of new in June 2018
  • Relocation of the basketball court
  • Site lighting
  • Plaza gathering space adjacent to the garage/concession building

This renovation is scheduled to take place beginning today, going through July 30.  During this time frame, there will be 5-10 workers throughout the day at Irving Park.  Naturally, that will also mean increased truck traffic and increased noise in the area.

Furthermore, the park will be closed except for scheduled field and pathway uses during the duration of the construction.

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