It may not be Halloween anymore but if you are into all things paranormal, you will definitely be into this. A popular show on the Travel Channel went and investigated a spot in Wisconsin I haven't ever heard of.

If you love all things paranormal, you will definitely love the show Destination Fear. The show has a similar formula to other paranormal shows that investigate haunted spots. It features a brother and sister and their two close friends.

What separates Destination Fear from other paranormal shows is the fact that they don't know where they are going until they are on their way - or already there! They also have a special connection of some sort to each place they visit.

It is a really great show and season three just premiered back in July! Since the show began, they have been all over the place. They even came to the Duluth area to investigate Nopeming Sanatorium.

Another thing that makes the show special is the fact that the two leads - Dakota and Chelsea Laden - are Minnesota natives! They were born and raised in Minnesota and still visit often.

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I was lucky enough to get to talk to Dakota over the summer right before the new season dropped. He talked all about the show, how it came to be and how paranormal experiences in his childhood led him to where he is now.

While reminiscing on the interview this week, I went back and watched a few other episodes and was shocked to learn they filmed an episode in Wisconsin! They went to a spot called the Sheboygan Asylum.

The investigation is centered around the sixth episode in the second season. This was the first time that the team slept inside a haunt. In case you haven't heard about the spot, it is said to be haunted due to a long and storied history.

According to the Sheboygan Sun, the allegedly haunted spot has fallen victim to a giant lightning strike and a massive fire. Needless to say, there is a lot that has happened there and it is evident in the episode of Destination Fear!

Both Minnesota and Wisconsin have been popular spots for television shows like this, as there are a lot of haunted places. For example, there's a place called Hell's Tunnel in Minnesota that is reportedly a funnel for paranormal activity.

There's also a supposedly haunted school in Williams, Minnesota. Williams is located in Lake Of The Woods and there's a school with a spooky history that certainly looks haunted. There was a fire that killed forty-two people.

Like I said, there is no shortage of supposedly haunted places in Minnesota and Wisconsin. There are even haunted spots in the Twin Ports! It's always fun when none of these spots is investigated on television.

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