Randy Houser's debut album, 2008's Anything Goes, skyrocketed him to stardom from its very first single. The record's soul-drenched title track put him on the country music map with critics and fans alike. So, where was Houser when he heard "Anything Goes" on the radio for the very first time? He reminisces with The Boot.

That's a pretty cool story: Jamey Johnson and I were sitting in my car, and I had just hit the countdown for the first time with "Anything Goes." I said, "I want to hear this." So we turned [on the radio], and it was one of the first songs they played.

We sat there, and all the years that we had been playing together and trying to get on the radio ... and finally got to sit there and do that together! And then a few songs later, [Johnson's song] "In Color" was on, so we got to sit there and listen to his also. It was a great little dude hang.

A million thoughts went through our heads with how many years we had been doing this. We talked about how we grew up playing music ... It was a cool little celebration. Jamey got to watch me hear my song for the first time.

I actually kind of teared up a little bit. I didn't know what to think. I was thinking, "How do I keep them playing this, and how do I do it again?" I don't think I'll ever have a "this is it" moment ... This is all I've ever wanted to do, and I'm really, really one of the lucky ones to get to do what I love for a living.

This story was originally written by Pat Gallagher, and revised by Angela Stefano.

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