What a time to be alive.

A raccoon has become an internet sensation this week after it was seen scaling not one - but two skyscrapers. (That is one brave raccoon.)

It all started Tuesday afternoon when someone with eagle eyes spotted the animal scaling an office building in the state capitol - the Town Square Complex to be exact. The daredevil was quickly rescued but apparently, isn't good at taking hints.

Shortly after being "rescued" from the first building, the rowdy raccoon decided to have it once again and started scaling the building next door. This building also happens to be one of the tallest in St. Paul, according to CNN.

This time, the fearless animal took to the UBS Financial Services building.

The internet held its breath as the raccoon slowly scaled the tower. Around the 23rd floor, he decided to climb onto a ledge, groom himself and take a nap, offering everyone a short break from the drama.

After dark, he was on his way again and then all was well. Reports say the raccoon reached the roof of the building around 2:30 in the morning and is "all good and healthy."

Only time will tell what the raccoon does with his newfound fame. Let's hope he stays grounded for awhile.

You can relive the drama here, from a first-person, errrr, first-animal perspective.

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