It's a nationwide scam that involves both your computer and a phone call when you're least expecting it.  That's what the hackers are hoping to do, catch you off guard.   The scam involves using names of reputable companies you are use to doing business with and Superior police are warning that calls have come into the Northland.

Here's what has occurred in the past according to  You would get a phone call from a person saying they represent a company that you are probably familiar with.  They would tell you that they are working with Microsoft and a virus was located on your computer.  After they know they've got you interested they talk you into letting them have access to your computer, BOOM! it only takes them seconds to get your personal information including your banking info.  Computer companies say that's not the way they do business, now you know.  Rule of thumb and common sense, don't accept help for something you didn't ask help for.  The classic scam is someone calling to tell you they or someone you know has been arrested and is in need of bail money.  Typically, the elderly fall for this scam because the scam artist uses the names of their grandchildren.

Please contact the authorities in your city if you think you've been scammed or if there has been an attempt to scam you.  This happens nationwide and the more often they know about it, the better they can help to get the word out and keep track of how many scams are happening in our area.  It's not an easy crime to investigate as the hacker calls could come from anywhere in the United States or even the world.