Do you have a Venmo account? You'll want to pay attention to this if you do.

A police department in Massachusetts is bringing attention to a new phishing scam that involves your cell phone and a text message.

Here's how it works: you will receive a text message which says your Venmo account is going to be charged. From there, the hacker says you need to cancel the withdrawal by going into your account and declining it. According to the department's Facebook post, said message provides a link that lets you log onto your Venmo account using any phone number and password since it is fake. From there, you are asked to enter your credit card information.

This scam is advanced because, while it is clearly not involved with Venmo in any way, it makes it look legitimate by using the same colors and fonts as the app itself.

As with any scam, be cautious. Do not give out any personal information to unreliable sources or those you aren't certain of. Always fact check, take your time and do ample research to make sure an app, business or organization contacting you is real.

KARE 11 News says Venmo is aware of the scam and is taking steps to shut it down. In the case that you do fall for the scam, you are asked to contact your bank or credit card lender to see if you can get your money back and protect yourself.

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