A phone extortion scam has been reported several times in the Duluth area.

The Duluth Police Department shared information about this scam on their Facebook page Friday (December 11th). According to their post, the scam has been reported at least eight times.

Duluth residents report getting a phone call that seems legitimate, thanks to the 218 area code displayed when the scammer called them. Once they answered the phone, they were met with a message stating that they were part of a very serious crime. Scammers on the other end of the line claim that a shipment filled with drugs, money and fake drivers licenses arrived at Customs and Border Patrol and that it has your name on it.

From there, scammers asked those on the other end of the line to press "one" for more information. From there, victims of the scam are connected to a scammer who sounds like they are in a call center with heavy background noise.

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To make the scam seem legitimate, the scammer gives you a name and badge number. They ask for personal information with the intention of stealing your information and getting money out of you.

Obviously, this is all a scam. Do not fall for it if you get one of these calls. This is also the second scam being reported by the Duluth Police Department as of late. Earlier in the month, the Duluth Police Department warned of an officer imposter scam. With this scam, residents of the Duluth area reported getting phone calls from people posing as fake law enforcement officers, claiming there is a warrant out for your arrest and you must offer up gift cards to get out of it.

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