The Duluth Police Department is warning residents of a scam that has been reported in the area.

The DPD issued the warning on their Facebook page Tuesday (December 2nd), writing that there have been several reports from residents regarding an officer imposter scam. Victims have been receiving a phone call from someone who claims they work for a law enforcement agency. Once they get someone on the other line, the scammer tells the individual that there is a warrant out for their arrest.

Unlike other similar scams, it doesn't end there. The scammer directs the victim of the scam to go to their nearest department store and purchase a bunch of gift cards to take care of the warrant. You guessed it: the victim is out a ton of money from the gift cards.

According to the Duluth Police Department, theses particular scammers are targeting the elderly. If you have someone in your life who may be targeted, make sure you tell them about this scam so they can avoid becoming a victim of it.

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This is just one in a handful of scams that are going around during this holiday season. Recently, the Better Business Bureau warned of a "Secret Santa" social media scam that has resurfaced this year amid the holiday season. It usually appears on Facebook and includes the promise of free gifts if you join an online gift exchange. Instead, you spend money on gifts and get nothing in return.

A similar scam promises a hard-to-find toy at a discounted price and leaves the person who paid for it without said item and a knock-off instead. Let's all stay safe this holiday season!

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