This winter, the New London Cafe announced that after 20 years in business, it would be closing its doors at 4721 E. Superior Street, and its last day in business was Monday, January 29.

It didn't take very long to find out what would take over that building as a unique, local favorite reached out through social media Tuesday to make a big announcement.

If you've had the privilege of eating authentic Palestinian cuisine at the pop-up restaurant Falastin, you'll be excited to learn that they will soon have a permanent home at the historic New London Cafe space.

On her Tuesday Facebook post, Falastin owner Lyla Abukhodair reminisced on how she, along with her mom, started the first pop-up restaurant about a year and a half ago, getting up bright and early to start cooking. At that time, she wondered just what the future held for Falastin.

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What would ultimately happen is that the community would welcome them "with open arms and radiating hearts", and that support has allowed them to take their next big step.

We are overjoyed to announce that we will officially be moving into the historic New London Cafe space this spring to open Falastin — a Palestinian cafe, bakery, deli, and market.

We couldn’t bring authentic Palestinian food to our region without the lines of support from our community, without the wonderful helping hands of local businesses, and without the willingness of our good friends to rent us their beloved spaces.

Abukhodair adds that they will be working hard over the next two months to evolve their new space into one that "embodies all the ways we plan to share our dreams with Duluth."

If you're unfamiliar with Palestinian cuisine, below is just a small sample of the lunch menu items that Falastin had available for pop-up on December 5.

Falastin Facebook
Falastin Facebook

Again, the menu above is just a small sample of a lunch menu. It will be exciting to see all that will be available once the new Falastin cafe, bakery, deli, and market opens on E. Superior Street.

While an official opening date for the new location hasn't been announced, it is expected to open this spring and there will be plenty of progress updates available on the Falastin Facebook page.

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