Members of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department, Superior Police, and other criminal task forces conducted a search of a property owned by Charles D. Sislo, owner of Twin Ports Cleaning, on Wednesday of this week. The search and subsequent arrest occurred following suspicion he was stealing items while cleaning homes and businesses.

Among items recovered in the search; drivers licenses, social security cards, passports, credit cards, EBT cards, checkbooks, and prescription medication were found. The Douglas County Sheriff's Office is asking anyone that may have hired Mr. Sislo and/or his business, Twin Ports Cleaning, to check personal belongings and financial records to be sure nothing is missing or abnormal.

If you suspect you've fallen victim, or if something is missing, you are encouraged to contact either the Superior Police Department at (715) 395-7234 or the Douglas County Sheriff's Office at (715) 395-1371.

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