Minnesota's Operation Dry Water is a year-round boating under the influence awareness and enforcement campaign and there will be extra enforcement out over the 4th Of July holiday weekend.

Alcohol is responsible for 19% of boating fatalities, making it the leading contributing factor in recreational boater deaths.  With that in mind, the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, State Patrol, county sheriff’s offices, and other public safety agencies will increase patrols for intoxicated boaters July 5-7.

The goal of Operation Dry Water is to reduce the number of BWI-related boating accidents and fatalities. In 2018, alcohol was a factor in half of the deadly boating accidents in Minnesota. That’s higher than the five-year average.

It can be easy to associate boating and being out on the water with having a few beers, but the fact of the matter is that it can be a fatal combination for those in your boat and those sharing the lake with you.

You can follow the link below to learn more and to take the pledge to never boat under the influence.

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