We expect this type of thing from some celebrities.  Heck, Lindsay Lohan peed her pants twice since you started reading this.  However, Marie Osmond isn't someone we expect to have this type of funny thing happen to.  At least she took it in stride!  Enjoy the video.

Marie Osmond has been an entertainer since she was a kid, but she had an on-stage first recently ... she peed in her pants!

Oh boy. Well, Osmond did take her on-stage "accident" in stride, at least.

Hey, what else can you do?!

This is how the Osmond pee incident went down: Marie and brother Donny were performing on a cruise to the Bahamas, but one night recently, there was a "wee" accident.

Of course, someone captured the whole incident on camera and it's making the rounds online in this very funny video.

The brother and sister duo were in such hysterics that Marie laughed so hard, she actually peed her pants. And not just a little. On the stage. In a puddle.

Rather than die of embarrassment, Osmond got down to wipe up the accident and made a little wholesome joke, as only an Osmond would do, saying, "I just peed my pants. Oh ship!"

And Donny, ever the entertainer, chimed in, "We promised you an experience, you got it!"

via Oops! Marie Osmond Pees Pants on Stage [VIDEO] | LimeLife.

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