Today my co-host Cathy Kates was asking me when the smelt run happens.  Not because she likes smelt, but it's a local hobby people do this time of year.  We're already hearing of smelt fry's at local churches starting, so is the smelt run in full swing.  Luckily, I've found a great online resource.Lake Superior Fishing & Smelting is a online forum for the Northland where users can share fishing reports.  Some reports are already saying that there has been some luck along Park Point and Lester River.

So if you are into smelting, fishing Coho Salmon, trout, or anything else on Lake Superior you should check out the forum.  Become a member and share your success.   A lot of our traditions in the Northland are slowly disappearing with youth.  Maybe online forums and presence on the internet can help get youth interested.

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