In it's proper place, salt can be a vital element.  But the problems arise when it's overused and it gets into areas it shouldn't be - contaminating the environment.  Living in this part of the country, salt-use is a winter-time essential to help keep our roadways passable when snow and ice accumulate; however, those same over-use and contamination concerns come into play.

To raise awareness of the issue, the Wisconsin Salt Wise Partnership is holding a variety of livestreamed events tied to "Wisconsin Salt Awareness Week", January 11 through January 15.  The general public is invited to tune in to the livestreams each day for salt-related information provided by a variety of experts.  Each of the presentations aims to share the "true cost of salt" as it relates to over-use, contamination, and the environment.

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Here's a sneak-peek at what's on tap agenda-wise:

  • Monday, January 11:  "Salty Streams and Formerly Freshwater Lakes: An Ecosystem Perspective" - presented by Hilary Dugan, assistant professor, Center for Limnology, University of Wisconsin-Madison and Bill Hertz, assistant professor of Environmental Studies, University of Toledo.
  • Tuesday, January 12:  "Be Salt Wise and Pet Smart" - presented by Brian Ray, DVM, owner/veterinarian, Belle City Veterinary Hospital.
  • Wednesday, January 13:  "Salt Your Dinner, not our Drinking Water" - presented by Amy Barrilleaux, Public Information Officer, Madison Water Utility and Kevin Masarik, Groundwater Specialist, University of Wisconsin-Extension.
  • Thursday, January 14:  Put Your House/Business on a Low-Salt Diet - presented by Juan Lopez, Regional Manager, Hellenbrand Water Center and Matt Maier, owner, Envirosealers, LLC.
  • Friday, January 15:  "Salt Reduction Champions" - a video compilation montage of success stories from across the state.

Each of these livestream presentations will occur on the dates listed at 12:30 PM and are expected to last about half an hour.  Click here to go to the event sign up page.

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