We were camping over the Memorial Weekend with friends and they told us to bring eggs and our favorite ingredients for omelettes, we were going to make Omelettes In A Bag. What???? First time for everything, right? It was easy and phenomenal! It’s early enough in the season that you can give this a shot, I guarantee you’ll be doing it more than once, I know we will!

It's so easy, watch the quick video for "how to hints" with ingredients and instructions below.

What You Need; (besides friends that pretty much did the whole thing for us!)

• 2 eggs per bag
• zip loc sandwich bags, one per omelette (use the small freezer zip loc bags, you need the thick plastic)
• your favorite omelette ingredients cut into small pieces, sausage, bacon bits, onions, red, yellow and green peppers, shredded cheese, pre-cooked hash browns, tomatoes,
• 3-4 gallon pot to boil water in that accommodates the zip loc bag (we used propane outside)

Make It:

Break 2 eggs into a zip loc bag, close it and squish it so they are mixed well. Open and add your favorite omelette ingredients, squish the air out of the bag, close it and mix the eggs and ingredients together until well mixed. Drop the bag in the boiling water for 13 minutes. (If you use three eggs, add 2 minutes of cooking time). After 13 minutes, remove the bag with tongs and dump your yummy omelette on a plate. Serve with buttered toast and enjoy!

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