Tax season has begun and it's important to take advantage of every possible tax credit. Because may low-income working individuals are not, Northland leaders are speaking out Friday, January 27, to raise awareness of credits too often overlooked.  

For example, because of tax credits like the EITC and WFC, a tax refund can account for more than 30% of a household income. However, one-in-five eligible taxpayers aren’t claiming their ETIC. The EITC is a vital tool that helps low-income working individuals and families boost their incomes and move out of poverty.

Everyone is invited Friday to join speakers which include Duluth Mayor Emily Larson, State Representative Liz Olson, Head of the Lakes United Way President Matt Hunter, a Representative from Senator Al Franken’s Office, Community Action Duluth Executive Director Angie Miller and Earned Income Tax Credit Recipient Corisa Thom, as they shed light on subject.

The event will at 11:00 a.m. at the Ordean Building, 424 West Superior Street, in Duluth.




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