I had never experienced a chill disc before.  I'm not saying there might not be a bar in the Twin Ports area that has them, I just had never seen one until we went to the Loggers Bar in St. Croix Falls, WI. Pretty darn awesome!

Officiating a wedding took me to Trollhaugen Ski Hill in Dresser, WI.  We were checking into our hotel in St. Croix Falls, WI when a group of ladies in front of us asked where a good place to eat was.  My ears perked up and the desk attendant said Loggers.

We went to the wedding rehearsal and grooms dinner, then headed to Turtle Lake Casino about 20 miles away through the rain.  Since it was packed and we couldn't even find a parking space we headed back to St. Croix Falls and decided we'd stop off at Loggers to check it out.  We sat at the bar, ordered a drink and I reached over to pull what I thought was a coaster closer in front of me.  But, it wasn't a coaster, it was cool to the touch and embedded in the bar top.  Then we noticed there were several embedded all the way up and down the bar.

Turns out it was a chill disc.  It's used to keep your drink cold until the last sip, gulp or suck out of one of those tiny little straws that actually should be used as a stir stick (admit it, we all suck on it like a straw).  This rather long youtube video will show you exactly what a chill disc is used for.  I think they could have described it's use in much less time but probably had fun shooting the video in the bar, lol.

I loved it and was wondering if any bar in the Twin Ports is using this technology.  If not, they should.  Very unique and totally useful to someone who is a slow drinker like me.

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