It's one of the best parts of this time of year - curling up and watching a holiday movie while sipping hot chocolate. This has become a rite of passage.

So what movies are we watching these days? That's what wanted to know and the results are a Christmas miracle.

To get the results, they cross-referenced the most popular holiday movies with Google Trends data from the past ten years.

No surprise here: "Home Alone" was by the far the most popular movie across the country. "Elf" came in with a close second.

Minnesota's favorite holiday movie follows suit. "Home Alone" is the classic of choice while Wisconsin likes "Elf."

One of the data trends showed what we already know: as viewers, we love to see films that take place in our neck of the woods. One example? "Christmas In Connecticut" was the holiday classic of choice in Connecticut.

Other interesting tidbits from the findings:

  • The South favors cartoons and comedies.
  • The Northern part of the country prefers older movies, which the site correlates to the cold weather and a study which shows a rise in body temperature when you feel nostalgic.
  • The Great Lakes area had a few favorite movies, which the site says is due in large part to how charitable the area is.

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