I love mashed potatoes and hate re heating them. We don't have a microwave at our home so I have to be creative when I heat food for left overs. Here's an easy and quick way to enjoy mashed potatoes with other dishes, or for breakfast.

I wanted to eat mashed potatoes one day and found that i had to add extra butter and milk and water, then I was adding extra potato buds or just got mushy potatoes. They usually didn't taste good.

Here's what you do, take the mashed potatoes in your hands and make it into a patty just like you would for burger. Melt a fair amount of butter in the pan, place the potatoes in the pan, then salt and pepper one site. (or add seasoning). If you would like to add gravy, use less butter.

Cook them until they are browned on both sides, and serve, they are warm and a little crunchy on the outside. If you want you can add gravy or put shredded cheese in the middle for a cheesy potato taste.

Makes for a yummy change and can be served in the morning with egg dishes instead of hash browns.

chris allen