Super Bowl Sunday could be a thing of the past...if one New York teen has his way.

16-year-old Frank Ruggeri is the mastermind behind the petition, which seeks to move next year's Super Bowl to Saturday instead of Sunday. Why? He explains his reasoning on the petition site, writing:

It will get more money.and get more vistors to game.NFl will get more telavison views because most goverment jobs have off. have to more children to enjoy there beloved game on TV or at venue. Most of your  playoff games are on saturday. Probably  have to prices becuse more vistors will go

The petition was started this past Monday
(January 20th, for reference). He is seeking 25,000 signatures to bring his petition to the NFL. As of Thursday afternoon, it had nearly 20,000 names.
He does make some good points - the day after the Super Bowl is never a productive one for anyone, thanks to food, drinks and late night celebrations and/or sulking. Ha!
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If you're for the change, don't get too excited. According to KBJR, the change is unlikely "largely because the NFL believes TV ratings and revenue will be stronger by keeping its big game on Sundays."

This reminds me of a similar petition that made the rounds in 2019. A group of people was determined to change the date of Halloween to the last Saturday of October every year. Eventually, the petition was cut. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with this one!

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