An online petition is gaining traction and it has to do with Halloween!

A petition to move Halloween to the last Saturday of October has gained tens of thousands of signatures. The petition was started by the Halloween & Costume Association.

So why do they want the change? They gave a few reasons why.

  • It would be "safer, longer" and stress-free.
  • It would be a better option than cramming the holiday celebrations in to two different week nights.
  • The holiday deserves a full day rather than a weekday where people have to work.
  • You can take advantage of having a full day with your family by trick-or-treating and taking part in other Halloween related activities.
  • Parents don't need to worry about getting their kids home and in bed early after trick-or-treating.
  • Parents don't need to worry about having to work the next day.

As of Friday (July 26th) morning, the petition had gathered nearly 70-thousand signatures.

The petition was started in 2018 but is making headlines now after the Halloween & Costume Association issued an update, further urging people to sign it and help them reach their goal.

I do not agree with moving Halloween. It is the best holiday ever and to change it now would just be wrong. It deserves a month-long celebration. We can't cut the celebration early - even if just a few days early!

In case you haven't noticed, some stores across the Northland are already offering Halloween decor and such. It's the best time of the year!

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