I had heard that the new Peeps Flavored Oreo turns your poop pink colored through the internet the other day.  Yes, this is graphic and gross, but I actually have a first hand account.  I figured you would need to eat a TON of them.

Our friend Joe brought us some free samples the other day and we tried them out.  I was actually surprised that I liked them as much as I did.  I thought it would have a weird texture, but it's pretty good.  I only at about 3 of them.

Today I went and did my business, and when I stood up to flush I noticed something strange.  It was a little pink!  At first I just thought it was strange color and i was trying to think of what I ate.  Then I realized that it was the peeps!  And it only took eating 3 of them to make the change!

I'm not alarmed, and it wont' prevent me from eating more.  Just realize that if you see a funny color in the toilet, it could be the peeps.

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