Are you in need of a movie to get you in the holiday spirit? There are a ton to choose from this time of year, including a bunch of Netflix originals that always drop in November and December.

I decided to watch one of these Netflix originals over the weekend. It is called Operation Christmas Drop and the movie centers around a government official who travels to a tropical country on official business and ends up falling in love. You know how these types of movies go!

While watching the movie, I got a good chuckle when one of the film's supporting characters poked a little fun at Wisconsin. To set the scene in basic terms so I don't give out any spoilers, a group of coworkers are working and talking about their Christmas plans.

It all goes down just a few minutes into the movie. One of the movie's characters tells his friend that there is nothing like Christmas in Wisconsin and names off a bunch of winter activities, and winter itself, as a few of the reasons why. His friend isn't having it and responds:

"Yeah, Wisconsin's got all the seasons alright. It's got winter, still winter, more winter, mud and then winter again."

Ha! We love it. The same could be said about Minnesota so there is absolutely no shade here. It is pretty cool when big movies like this incorporate us, even if it is by poking a little bit of fun.

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If you are looking for another Christmas movie to get you in the holiday spirit, you can catch another one with a midwest connection. There was a Christmas movie filmed in Minnesota in February of 2020 and it got picked up by the Lifetime channel. So many holiday movies, so little time!

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