Maddie and Tae are a new country duo that are talented as songwriters and singers.  Like many women who love country music, they did notice a trend with many recent hits.

A lot of songs are what some are calling Bro Country, songs sung by guys about doing "guy" things like sitting on tailgates, drinking beer and having tan, barefoot girls shake their "moneymakers" for them.  Maddie and Tae decided that enough was enough, so they wrote "Girl In A Country Song".

They have said in interviews that they have always been, and  continue to be, huge country fans, but that someone had to call out the boys in country music.  They have done it in a fun way and now they have a hit song on their hands.

I love their sense of humor in both the song and this video.  What do you think of "Girl In A Country Song"?


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