There's been a trend in the Winter to surf on Lake Superior, now, people are trying kiteboarding in the Summer.

When people surf in the Winter it's because the wind kicks up a little more and raises up the water and creates some waves. In the Summer there is enough wind to catch the "Kite" and give people the speed to surf no matter what the waves are doing, but it does create a challenge because there are some waves and ripples that give a person a challenge.

Kiteboarding Minnesota says not anyone can just get a kite and a board and get up on the water. They recommend lessons. They say kiteboarding can be really challenging and even if you have board skills from other sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, or single-board waterskiing, it's a whole different ball of wax.

Kiteboarding Minnesota goes on to say that there can be a burst of energy and you have to control the wind, steer your board, and navigate the waves, which can pose a challenge on its own.

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Kiteboarding Minnesota recommends some kiteboarding schools and also reminds people that when you graduate (so to speak) you should still start with the beginner boarding areas. Pick your day carefully, it may be a lot of open water, but if the wind is kicking up and takes the kite, you become a sack of potatoes and have no control over your kite. Take it slow and check the list of places to kiteboard.

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