I've been a Netflix subscriber for quite a few years now.  I use Netflix a few times a week, primarily when I work out and want to watch something interesting, instead of stumbling on a cable channel.  I stuck with the company when they divided the mail in option and the streaming option into two separate plans.  Considering I always forgot to mail in the DVD's anyway.  But, there are new changes coming to Netflix.

Netflix has been testing personalized profiles for family members, and has been getting positive reviews.  That way adults get more personalized recommendations, that may actually fit the family member.

For example, my recommended shows are usually "Dora the Explorer, Spongebob, Scooby Doo, etc.... with a few mixed "Say Yes To The Dresses."

I don't watch any of those shows, but my family does.  Also, my wife wouldn't get recommended movies like "Firefly," "Star Trek," "Mission Impossible," etc.

So it makes sense, right?

It's yet to be seen what the price increase could be if people opt for that, but $12 a month is being thrown around.   This would also allow up to 4 simultaneously streaming shows on the account.  Right now the limit is 2.

If they do end up bumping up the price without a choice to join the plan, it will be time for me to leave Netflix.  It sounds like they are going to make it an optional upgrade, which would be smart.  I think they've learned their lesson after the mass exodus last year.

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