I am so proud of the engineering class at Nashwauk-Keewatin!  It was an all hands on project that took a lot of imagination, planning and the donation of a snowmobile. High School Industrial Technology and Engineering Instructor, AJ Abate challenged his students and they delivered with flying colors, or we should say with a flying hovercraft!

According to a report from Maarja Anderson of WDIO.com, the students entered the project with apprehension.  It was made all from scratch with the hopes that it would "hover" on land and ultimately on water.

The project first started with research and lots of it.  Looking at different hovercrafts, then designing theirs in AutoCAD.  From there they hit the shop with their designs.  Not only is the hovercraft built from scratch they also made their own decals.

Thanks to the donation of the snowmobile the cost of making the hovercraft was around $800, but to the students who poured their heart and soul into it, it is a priceless experience.

They tested it on the road and on snow before taking it on the water.  With the Nashwauk Fire and Rescue crew standing by just in case, they took to the water.  But, there were no problems!

Their hope is to make another hovercraft for the Nashwauk Fire and Rescue to use for ice rescues.  Thank you to the students and instructor, AJ Abate for giving back to the community!

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