I took a week off from work.  It was one of those situations where I needed to use up some vacation time.  Actually, it worked out pretty well.  My Grandpa spends the winters down in Western Colorado at my uncle's (where it is much warmer) and he was planning on driving back home to Minnesota for the summer.  So I was able to fly one way and help drive him back.

Fortunately I did have some time to play around, including dirt biking in Utah, and just driving around the mountains in an old jeep.  It was a very peaceful retreat.  With all the stress of planning a wedding, buying a house, fixing up the house, and still working through all of it, I realized how bad I needed some time off.

The drive home was challenging.  It was about a 40 foot RV that we were driving back, and there was probably a steady 40 mile per hour crosswind.  I've never driven anything that big with that strong of a wind.  It was like a wrestling match between me and the steering wheel the whole way back home.  Well, I guess the wind did die down on the last 60 miles of a 1,000 mile trip.  At one point we were pulled over and questioned by the Colorado State Patrol.  That was a hoot.  (Sarcasm) And then through Omaha, I had another sheriff's deputy follow me for about 10 miles.  I must have had a big sign on the RV saying "Pull me over!"

We left Colorado at 7am mountain time.  We arrived after driving non-stop in Central Minnesota at 4 am.  Figuring in the time zone change, it was a 20 hour drive.  And the best part is where we arrived, they had just received over a foot of snow where we were going to park the RV.  So I capped off my trip with snow blowing at 4am.   It all worked out well though, and we made it safely.  And it's nice to come back to work with news like the big Trace Adkin's Concert!

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