Last review was a campground on the Range, this weekend, Burlington Bay Campground in Two Harbors.  I can't wait to explain why I would give this city owned campground two thumbs up!

Again, I want to stress "city owned".  Very impressive, City of Two Harbors!  From dealing with changing our dates of arrival and departure several times, to being steps away from Lake Superior kayaking, it was a most enjoyable experience.

The site we were in had a great view of Lake Superior.  There were several sites that utilized the North Shore beauty.  Most of the sites had ample grassy areas for a game of bags or making the circle of chairs that you'll spend hours of chit chat, laughter beverages and way to many snacks.  The only issue we encountered wasn't the campgrounds fault.  It rained pretty hard after we arrived and the ground around us became pure mud and the grass was saturated, I wrecked a pair of shoes that evening.  Again, not their fault.

Cathy Kates
Cathy Kates

There's a great running trail nearby that takes you along Lake Superior and past the Lighthouse Bed and Breakfast, a historic building that is in front of the break wall.  We had the opportunity to run the top of the break wall to the end.  That's a very unique place to say you've run.  We continued our run right into town.  The town itself is best described as "quaint" and is perfect for spending an hour or two browsing shops or eating.  We ended up at the home town Shopko about three times and hit up the brewery in town, Castle Danger.  There are also lots of thrift and antique shops that had amazing things for sale, like the actual projector from the NorShore Theater, a John Wayne cardboard stand-up advertising Coors Beer and the actual signs from Wild West Liquors in West Duluth.

We kayaked from our campground and had a peaceful ride hugging the shores of Lake Superior, exploring caves and rock formations.  Naps were acceptable and so were dogs.  Everyone we met or was camping near was very friendly.  I would definitely recommend this campground to others!

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