I love a good seltzer. The seltzer market has exploded in recent years. They are low calorie, low carb, refreshing, and fizzy. It's perfect on a summer day! I've enjoyed many brands including the classic White Claw, Bud Light Seltzer, Coors Light Selzter, Vizzy, Truly, and more.

I've probably tried just about all of them. My neighbor is a beer distributor (nice neighbor to have), and he brought me a sample of one of their newest products: Corona Limonada. Here's a video of what the deal is with the Limonada.

Now here's what I like about it. First, I usually stick to only black cherry flavors because the fruity ones are just that: too fruity. That's not the case with the Limonada. It has a terrific balance of giving it a good flavor that actually tastes natural. My favorite might actually be the watermelon flavor.

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Usually when my wife and I buy a variety twelve pack there is at least one flavor we don't really like (it's usually mango.) In this Corona Limonada pack we enjoy all of the flavors.

Here's the thing, it's kind of hard to find them. I called multiple liquor stores this last weekend trying to see if they had it. Only one place had it that I found and it was at Keyport. More places should be stocking it soon. The problem is with a lot of these liquor stores is that they don't have the shelf space for the exploding seltzer market.

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There's an area to the right where they have their warm storage and they were piled in back there. I'm on my way now to get a couple of 12 packs for this weekend before any of you beat me too it, now that I've let the secret out. It's really a seltzer that doesn't disappoint.

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