My husband and I were grocery shopping together this past weekend.  I only turned my back for a minute and BAM! an unidentified object lands in the cart.  "It's not on the list" I say.  He replies, "I haven't had this since I was a kid.  I just HAVE to have it!".  Now he knows what it feels like when I find a pair of cute shoes I have to buy!

What the heck is it?  Oops!  All Berries cereal.  Homie (my husband) says it only comes out a couple times a year.  It's best described as your typical Cap'n Crunch cereal without any of the square corn squares.  I'm sure the milk turns an incredible color when you eat THIS cereal.

I remember eating the original Cap'n Crunch cereal and yes, picking out the berry flavored pieces.  According to Wikipedia, the first Cap'n Crunch was ALL square corn pieces when it was introduced to the public in 1963.  It was four years later that they added the round, red berry pieces.  One of my faves was the Peanut Butter Crunch.  That was the next flavor added to the family in 1969.

Vintage Cap'n Crunch Commerical


Jumping ahead to 1997, the coveted year of my husband's favorite.  They released Oops! All Berries, it contains nothing but the berry flavored Crunch Berries and none of the corn squares. They are released sporadically for a limited time to make people like my husband melancholy as they sit and stare at the box while eating bowlful after bowlful at the kitchen table.

You can expect four Crunch Berry colors: red, green, blue, and violet; however, all of them taste exactly the same (although Homie would argue that fact).

Cap'n Crunch fans, be on the look out for Christmas Crunch.  It IS that time of year.  Back in 1988 they started a special edition named Christmas Crunch.  It had Cap’n Crunch's signature yellow corn squares with red and green Crunch Berries in a green box with the Cap’n wearing a Santa Claus hat.  I can't guarantee they'll make it this year, but if they do, you should be seeing it soon.  I know my hubby will be perusing the cereal aisle for it!

What's your favorite cereal?