I was visiting a friend the other day and as we walked up the stairs I commented on the odd shape of her light bulb.  She said that she had just put it in and as she turned it on, it flashed on and off in a very deliberate way.  We wondered why and she tried it again and again.  Each time, it flashed twice.  Have you seen this?

Our first thought was that the bulb was going bad, but she said she had just bought it and the way it was blinking was very calculated.  I thought I'd take a video and show you what we saw.

I went home and curiosity got the best of me, especially because I thought you might be experiencing the same thing and were also baffled.  So, I did some research.

On stackexchange.com I found this answer, "I called Philips about this issue. They said that it indicates that the bulb is broken and needs to be replaced. Some LED bulbs have enough electronics in them that they are able to have diagnostic circuits and to report errors in this manner."  However, because it's new I continued to search.  I read that there are now Smart Bulbs that can be controlled with an app on your smart phone.  It allows you to control your light bulb(s).  Based on the info I think it's more used for a party type ambience.  Our thought is that it blinks letting you know that it's not linked to your app yet.  What do you think?

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