Alabama will be in Duluth Wednesday night for a greatest hits show that I'm sure will be one big sing-along.  In random order, here are my 5 favorite Alabama songs that I hope they perform at Amsoil Arena:

I'm a big baseball fan and this song just reminds me of summer and being in a small town ballpark.  The lyrics perfectly capture the atmosphere of a worry-free day at the old ball game.

I've always loved this song.  From the cold opening to chorus, it's just a vintage feel-good Alabama song.  I've also always related to the lyrics of this one.

I'm fully aware that this is a cheesy love song.  However, I grew up through the 80's where one was forced to appreciate cheesy love songs and for whatever reason this one always stuck with me.

I just as easily could've put "Feels So Right" here, but I played that song so many times when I was a wedding DJ that I don't think I ever need to hear it again.

This is the first Alabama song that I remember hearing and I liked it right away.  My best memory was using this song to learn how to sing harmony, which I always did during the chorus.  Learning harmonies early in life helped me a lot as I sang more and more through college.

You can't ever go wrong with this timeless classic, which never gets old.  You could play this song anywhere and everyone would feel the need to sing along and dance.  Brad Paisley even used this song as the focal point for his #1 hit "Old Alabama".

Enjoy Wednesday night's Alabama show at Amsoil Arena and remember to join Chris Allen for the official pre-show party at the 310 Pub in Canal Park.  Chris will be there from 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. on November 7 and he'll be giving away our remaining Alabama tickets while you enjoy Happy Hour specials on food and drinks.





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