Whether it's National Margarita Day or just a Tuesday, I always love tequila and margaritas.  I know that margaritas aren’t that hard to make from scratch, but sometimes it's just cleaner and easier to buy the mixes and just add your favorite tequila.

However, not all mixes are created equal.  Here some favorites of mine that I think you’ll enjoy too. All of these work with variety of tequilas and are available at most liquor stores.  If you are pouring tequila into a mix, you don’t have to buy a $45 bottle of Cabo Wabo, but you should still get something you like.  I stay away from basic Jose Cuervo at all costs, but that’s just me.

Stirrings Simple Margarita

This is my favorite margarita mix.  The bottle states the mix is ‘All Natural’, using ‘Real Juice’.  The ingredients are basically a blend of key lime juice and cane sugar.  No corn syrup and no syrupy feel to it.  It costs a little more, but it’s worth it.  It’s refreshing and really lets the taste of the tequila stand out.  Because of that, make sure you mix with tequila you love on its own.  I’ve used Patron and Herradura tequila with success.

Powell & Mahoney Margarita Mix

This is my second favorite mix.  It has a more distinct flavor than Stirrings, but I like it so I get this one too.  The bottle says it’s a ‘handcrafted all-natural cocktail mixer, made with organic cane sugar’.  Again, this is a big flavor advantage over others that contain high fructose corn syrup amongst other things.  The taste of your tequila does not stand out as much as with the Stirrings mixer, but your tequila still counts with this one.  Note:  They also make an all-natural ‘skinny margarita’ mix if you’re counting calories.

1800 Ultimate Margarita Mix

A good, basic mix but this one has a hint of orange citrus that I really like.  It’s designed to be mixed with 1800 Tequila and you know what?  It does actually taste best when mixed with that tequila.  You’ll find corn syrup and things I can't pronounce in this one, but it has a nice flavor and doesn't get real heavy.

Margaritaville Margarita Mix

Finally, for a basic margarita that is budget friendly, this is a safe choice.  Again, this does contain corn syrup and other things, and can feel syrupy (use less mix, more tequila).  However, it’s not too sweet and works with a variety of tequilas.  It’s not all natural, but it does the trick.

I highly recommend you try one of the first two just to taste the difference with the all-natural mixers.  However, unless you buy Mr. & Mrs. T, which is my least favorite of all, you will probably be fine.

Do you have favorites?  Let me know what they are or if you have tried any of the above mixes.

It's never a bad idea to fill a glass with ice, pour a shot (or two) of your favorite tequila, add mixer and enjoy!

You can also just get some tequila, then add natural agave nectar, a little lime juice, a splash of Grand Marnier or OJ, and some club soda for a simple "do it yourself" cocktail.


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