I met Mrs. Delicious a few years ago and watched her put a smile on people's faces with ice cream and balloons.

It all started with the business being just for fun and to be a joyful one, something to make people happy. The punch card started when someone asked if they could pay ahead and enjoy some ice cream later. Then a gentleman asked if he could pay for someone else to enjoy some ice cream. That was the day the pay it forward punch card started. Now Mrs. Delicious has people sending her money and paying for children, people down on their luck, or just someone that needs cheering getting free ice cream paid for by someone else.

You can buy someone a treat, or you can buy yourself a treat, or do both.

Mrs. Delicious calls herself a one-woman show, and it really does become that. She makes balloons or performs something to make a smile appear on someone's face, then the icing on the cake, so to speak, gives them some ice cream. It's not scooped ice cream, each product is wrapped and distributed by an icebox on the front of her bicycle.

Everyone knows she is coming by her ice cream music, her rainbow socks, and the smiles she leaves behind. Mrs. Delicious delivers happiness.

Chris Allen
Mrs. Delicious
Chris Allen