Many of us have dealt with the loss of a loved one and know how very difficult it is.  A Facebook share on a friend's page caught my eye and I knew I had to help  get the word out to see if we could get the nearly 150 lb missing gravestone returned to the cemetery.

It is her son's gravestone that went missing and she learned it had gone missing after getting a call from Calvary Cemetery.  It was noticed missing by workers who were mowing and as far as staff at Calvary knows, this is the first time this has happened.  Who would be so cruel to do that?  She is remaining hopeful that it may have been taken by someone who is deeply missing her son and wasn't thinking of the additional grief it may cause the family.  Her  hopes is that whoever took the gravestone will return it, according to one of her Facebook posts it will cost her $1,000 to replace it.  She plans on waiting until July 1 to see if it's returned before she needs to take action to have it replaced.

If you know anything about the missing gravestone, please either encourage the return to where it was taken from or let the authorities know so we can get it back to Calvary Cemetery and ease some of this additional emotion for a grieving mother.

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