Just look at those beautiful markings, what a sweetie pete!  If you've been patiently waiting for an active dog for an active family, Monty is your dog from Animal Allies.  Monty is a white and black English Springer Spaniel/Labrador mix puppy and our Pet of the Week. 

Every Wednesday at 8:10 Ken and I talk with Daryl Yankee from Animal Allies about the Pet of the Week and this week it's Monty.  He is young, weighs about 25lbs and full of spunk!  He learned tricks like sit, stay, roll over and lay down in just two 15 minutes sessions.  That's one smart puppy!
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Monty joined the Animal Allies family from a previous home. The staff at Animal Allies describe him as a playful, fun-lovin', tailwaggin', warmhearted dude. He has been neutered, microchipped, and vaccinated. If you are interested in adoption, please visit Animal Allies at 4006 Airport Road to meet Monty or give them a call at 218-722-5341 for more information.

The last time we talked with Daryl I had told him I am in search of a decent collar.  He suggested I check out the ones they have available at Animal Allies.  If you need one, check them out they are having a clearance sale on collars and leashes and you get free ID tags with purchase!

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