Country stars shared a wide variety of new music this week, from hard-partying anthems to reflective ballads. Read on to get all caught up on the latest new songs in the format. Who knows? You might just discover your new favorite! 

Montgomery Gentry, "Drink Along Song":

The latest single from Montgomery Gentry is catchy as all get-out. "Drink Along Song" isn't a pity party at the bar -- nope, it’s a straight-up party. The chorus calls it exactly as it is: “This is a drink-along song / Everybody sing along / Pour you something strong / And chug it, shoot 'er, sip it / Bottle, can or cup / Turn the bottom up / Keep 'em coming all night long / It's a drink-along song ...

Colter Wall, "Thinkin' on a Woman":

When fans pre-order singer-songwriter Colter Wall’s forthcoming album, Songs of the Plains, they will now automatically get a copy of “Thinkin’ on a Woman.” The classic, straight-up Americana song finds a man unable to get the thought of a woman out of his mind no matter what he tries. Walls wrote the majority of the songs on his upcoming project, including "Thinkin' on a Woman." Songs of the Plains is set to be released on Oct. 12.

Brothers Osborne, "I Don't Remember Me (Before You)": 

Brothers Osborne’s “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)” is romantic and endearing, a song about finding love, changing your ways for the better and forgetting who you used to be. In the passionate song, the brothers sing about their past lives: “I heard I was a wild one / I feel like a child, son / But I really don't recall / Heard I was a fast one / Always was last one / Waitin' for the other shoe to fall / I've seen pictures / And I've heard stories / 'Bout the boy I used to be / But I don't remember me / No, I don’t remember me before you.” “I Don’t Remember Me (Before You)” will be added to country radio on Oct. 8.

Sundance Head, "Leave Her Wild": 

Sundance Head’s name should ring a bell, aside from it being a unique one: The singer won The Voice back in 2016, and was a finalist on American Idol in 2007. Head’s notched three No. 1 singles on the Texas Music Charts, but he’s now headed for mainstream country with his song “Leave Her Wild.” In this song, Head sings about how it’s best not to try to change the person you’re with. “Leave Her Wild” was was written by Lori McKenna and JT Harding and will land on country radio on Oct. 1.

Billy Ray Cyrus, "Goddess of Democracy": 

Billy Ray Cyrus’ “Goddess of Democracy” is the first track off of a forthcoming album, The SnakeDoctor Circus. It’s a patriotic tune about the American way and fighting for what is right. No matter what is facing America, Cyrus reflects, there is a will to survive. "Talk about freedom, boys / Wouldn't you love to have some now?” he sings. “When you gonna make the choice / The golden calf or the sacred cow?" The SnakeDoctor Circus is scheduled to be released this fall.

Michael Tyler, "Remember These Words": 

Michael Tyler’s latest single, “Remember These Words,” is an optimistic love song delivered as a letter to a girlfriend. Throughout the song, Tyler lets his love know that he will always be there for her, through both easy and hard times. “I have to admit that I'm a sucker for love songs, and this one is one of my favorites,” Tyler admits in a press release. “I'm very proud of how it all came together.” “Remember These Words” was written by Tyler, Jaron Boyer, Alexander Palmer and Luke Pell.

Walker McGuire, "Growin' Up":

Country duo Walker McGuire’s “Growin’ Up” is about the hard realities of getting older. In the song, the pair talks about being raised in a small town, where football games were the place to be and trying to sneak a drink at a bar was a normal thing. They sing about how they wish they could back in time, “Stop the clock and take another lap around / If I knew then what I know right now / Life'll get you down, break your heart, mess you up / Yeah, man, but that's just part of growing up ...” “Growin’ Up” will hit country radio on Oct. 15.

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