With Duluth set to host both the Parade Of Tall Ships and Bayfront Blues Festival beginning this weekend, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has issued a traffic advisory:

Motorists traveling to Duluth on I-35 and using other highways are advised to allow extra time to reach their destinations this weekend. Two major events in Duluth, the Bayfront Blues Fest and the Parade of Tall Ships, will draw huge crowds and may cause travel delays.

Traffic is expected to be heavy beginning Friday, August 9.  The Bayfront Blues Festival runs through Sunday, August 11.  The Parade Of Tall Ships runs Sunday through Tuesday, August 13, so expect traffic to be a factor through Tuesday.

Due to the overlap of the two events, the heaviest traffic day is expected to be August 11.  MnDOT encourages everyone to travel during off-peak times if possible.  Travelers should also allow extra time to reach the Northland and be patient as traffic delays should no longer come as a surprise.

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