The Minnesota Department of Transportation has decided defer the majority of the "can of worms" project until spring of 2021 so they can better quantify costs and deal with contamination.

According to MnDOT:

In November 2019, MnDOT identified an approximate $100 million funding gap on the Twin Ports Interchange project. Much of that gap was due to unknown costs related to contaminated materials and utility work. Because of that gap, MnDOT announced the deferment of the Highway 53 Bridge and I-535/Garfield interchange portions of the project.

After more in-depth analysis, MnDOT has decided to defer the majority of the I-35 project.


While some construction will begin this fall, people driving in the area won't see significant traffic impacts until 2021.

Next spring, the project will move forward with I-35 traffic in single lane configuration. In the fall, northbound traffic will remain on I-35, and southbound traffic will be moved to Lower Michigan Street as planned.

The Highway 53 and I-535/Garfield Avenue interchange portions of the project will still be deferred until funding becomes available.

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