Two intersections along a popular "Iron Range shortcut" are going to see some safety improvements. In advance of the work, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the scope of the work and solicit comments from the general public.  That meeting will happen on Tuesday, January 26 - and like most meetings since the response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, it will be held in a virtual fashion with the ability for people to click-in to join the meeting.

Highway 37 is the roadway that generally travels east and west - connecting Hibbing (and other communities to the west) with Highway 53.  Highway 5 crosses Highway 37 using two different intersections - at some distance apart - using "T-intersections"; the northern "leg" of Highway 5 connects to Highway 37 near the Thirsty Moose Bar and Grill while the southern "leg" connects to Highway 37 a little further west - closer to the Chisholm-Hibbing Range Regional Airport.

It's the "T-intersections" that create an unsafe intersection for drivers.  It also doesn't help that both of those "T-intersections" of Highway 5 and 37 occur near curves in the roadway, making them blind-intersections.  The work planned by the Minnesota Department of Transportation aims to improve those two situations.

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According to information released by the Minnesota Department of Transportation, the work on the $1.6 million project will occur during the summer of 2024.  MNDOT plans some alignment changes to the side highways at both intersections along with new left turn lanes - something that doesn't exist presently. The hope is that both of these improvements to those intersections will make them safer for drivers.

Taking part in the meeting is easy.  Just click here to access the link to the virtual session, which will happen on Tuesday, January 26 at 5:00 PM. MNDOT will provide opportunities for questions and answers.  People who want to attend the meeting - but don't have internet access - can call 1-855-282-6330 to join in on the meeting, listening to the presentation.  The access code for the call is 146 159 3824.

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