The Bong Bridge has one - so why not the Blatnik Bridge?  That's the question that's before engineers as they consider designs for the eventual replacement for the bridge structure.  And to formulate their answer and decision, the Minnesota Department of Transportation is reaching out to the general public.

MNDOT is soliciting public comment on the possibility of adding a walking and a bicycling path to the I-535 Blatnik Bridge as part of the reconstruction designs for the structure later this decade.  Those comments will be added to the design process to help engineers come up with a structure that meets the needs and the wants of the Twin Ports area.

It's important to note that all elements of a design for what an eventual replacement structure will be for the Blatnik Bridge are up in the air and unformulated at this point.  The inclusion of bicycle and pedestrian lanes (of the exclusion of them) would be added to the design process with no concrete promises at this point.

To collect commentary and test the desires of the general population, the Minnesota Department of Transportation has put together a survey about the lanes.  There is a section on their website where you can fill out the survey and include your commentary.  Look under the "about" section.

Blatnik Bridge (US Highway 53) between Duluth, MN and Superior, WI
Nick Cooper - TSM Duluth

The survey will be open and available for completion through December 31.

For complete details about the design process, the timeline, and an eventual plan for the Blatnik Bridge replacement, visit the project page that's available on the Minnesota Department of Transportation's website.

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