There's been many cases where I've known someone who never had the opportunity to learn how to hunt and now feels it's too late now that they are an adult.  Maybe they never took firearm safety in the past, or maybe it's just overwhelming getting started.  The truth is both MN & WI have some great apprentice licenses where you can try hunting with little time or cost up front.

While both states have different regulations that you can see below they have quite a few things similar.  In both cases, you need to have a fully licensed hunter mentor you.  In Minnesota you are required to be within hearing and seeing distance of your mentor.  In Wisconsin you must be within arm's length.  The apprentice license allows you to try hunting without having first completed the firearms safety course.

It's always good to first experience hunting close with an experienced hunter on hand.  You can learn a lot and hopefully pick up some good safety habits.  Then, if you like hunting you can have plenty of time to get your firearms safety certificate for next season!

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